It's best to visit during the summer when the water level is up. I would highly recommend taking a boat around the lake to enjoy the wonderful views. ... Douglas Lake is your answer. 20 minutes away - Pontoon, jet boat, and houseboat rentals as well as kayaks, jet skis and more. Restaurants on the water, beautiful scenery, and trophy fishing is. Operating guides were designed and developed for every reservoir and are used in making critical decisions regarding the storing and/or releasing of water from dams throughout the entire Tennessee reservoir system. These operating guides are centered on decades of operating experience, including more than 100 years of rain data and seasonal. Douglas Lake Water Levels. In May 2004, the TVA Board of Directors approved a new policy for operating the Tennessee River and reservoir system. This policy shifts the focus of TVA reservoir operations from achieving specific summer pool elevations on TVA-managed reservoirs to managing the flow of water through the river system. 2022-7-22 · Search: South Holston Lake Water Level. 256-737-7131 L S HOMEBUILDERS, LLC 1270 county Rd Alabama 35057 Email There is a heat advisory out for today and the 4th with heat indexes approaching the 100 degree mark, so make sure you take plenty of drinking water when Mountain views are spectacular with kayaking, tubing, and swimming some of the fun activities.

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